Diamond Segment BIT Abrasives
The Diamond Segment BIT Abrasives offered by us are diamond segment used on the gangsaw blade. The shape is mainly isosceles trapezoid and rectangular. The diamond segment is a functional part of a metal-bonded diamond tool. The metal-bonded diamond tool can be a metal-bonded diamond saw blade. There are three methods to weld and braze diamond segments onto the saw blade: silver brazed diamond blade, wholly sintered diamond blade and laser welded diamond blade. The offered Diamond Segment BIT Abrasives are offered by us in various types. They are easy to use and made for industrial applications.
Diamond Metal Bond
Diamond Resin Bond Abrasives is the name describes, is a combination of resins and fillers pressed under heat and pressure that are easily dressed to angle forms, straight forms, and special radius forms. The diamond abrasive is widely used in resin bond diamond grinding wheels in China. Its grains are mostly needle-like, irregular crystal shape, low strength, high brittleness, rough surface but sharp grinding. The diamond is polycrystalline diamond superhard abrasive, mainly used in the production of resin bond diamond grinding wheel. The offered Diamond Resin Bond Abrasives are made for use in the various industries and commercial applications.
Other Products
We are offering here the Synthetics Bond Abrasive that is composed of an abrasive material contained within a matrix, although very fine aluminium oxide abrasive may comprise sintered material. This matrix is called a binder and is often clay, a resin, a glass or a rubber. This mixture of binder and abrasive is typically shaped into blocks, sticks, or wheels. With the application of chemically resistant synthetic rubber on butterfly valves, the performance of butterfly valves is improved. The offered Synthetics Bond Abrasive is offered by us that is made for use in the various industries and commercial purposes.
Diamond Pads
The offered Diamond Pads are offered in various types that are the only impregnated diamond pads in the world that contains both diamonds and Ferron, which is the only substance that can scratch a diamond. Pads are professional grade diamond impregnated pads that can be used dry or wet. The pads can be applied to granite polishing, marble polishing and concrete. To smooth the concrete after grinding with a turbo-cup wheel, or to perform light grinding on concrete that does not have embedments in it, coarse resin diamond pads are used. They are very efficient and useful.
7/5 Extra Final Polisher For Marble
A 5 Extra Final Polisher For Marble is offered by us that enhances the shine and smoothness of the marble floor. For this diamond floor polishing pads with grit 100 and 200 are used and are effective. Polishing gives shining effect to the marble floor. For marble floors in good condition, polishing is enough to bring back the shine. Marble polishing in the sense of making a dull or honed marble shiny is not done by applying a chemical or polish. The offered 5 Extra Final Polisher For Marble is offered by us for efficient use in the various commercial applications.
Final Polisher For Granite - LUX
The supplied Final Polisher For Granite LUX is offered by us that is the best polishing agent for granite and other natural stone surfaces. Polishing granite is often seen as a way of beautifying the stone. However, it is actually part of proper maintenance. When people polish stone, fingerprints and streaks are less likely to form and cause issues. In order to reach the desired finishing, granite slabs are run through a series of progressively finer diamond polishing pads in a slab polishing machine. The offered Final Polisher For Granite LUX is made for use in the various industries.
Diamond And Silicon Abrasive Brushes
There are Diamond And Silicon Abrasive Brushes offered by us that provide additional strength compared to straight brushes and are commonly used where a knotted brush's impact would alter the working surface. Abrasive brushes are made with coarse strands of material and are used with power tools to polish, debur, clean, or buff surfaces. Silicon abrasive brush is made of high quality silicon carbide or steel wire for granite matt-surface making on. Theyre almost spark free and with lower thermal impact, reduce the risk of workpiece burn. The Diamond And Silicon Abrasive Brushes are very efficient and useful.
Buffing Compounds
We are offering here the Buffing Felt & Powders that are commonly used in conjunction with a shaped, chamois leather buffer to mildly abrade (burnish) the nail plate so that a smooth, shiny surface was produced. It produces a high gloss shine on most stone, particularly marble. These compounds are used to buff iron, steel, stainless steel and some aluminum and brass castings. They are used to smooth metals in many industries to give a clean and polished finish and improve the polishing and buffing wheel's effectiveness. The offered Buffing Felt & Powders are made for use in the various commercial applications.
Magnesite Abrasives
The Magnesite Abrasives are magnesite silicon carbide bonded for marble calibration and grinding. With aggressive silicon carbide inside, this magnesite abrasive keeps sharp and performance consistent with maximum performance. Abrasives are suitable for rough calibrating and smoothing for common granite & marbles in the automatic polishing machine. Abrasives are best for fast leveling of marble, stone, granite & ceramic surfaces. Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral with a chemical composition of MgCO3. It is named after the presence of magnesium in its composition. The Magnesite Abrasives are offered by us that are made for industrial applications.